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Thuy Tien (Singer/Actress)

For the overseas Vietnamese singer, see Thủy Tiên. 

Thủy Tiên (1985-    ) is a famous Vietnamese singer, model and actress.

Trần Thị Thủy Tiên was born into a Chinese-Vietnamese family on November 25, 1985 in the town of Rạch Giá of Kiên Giang Province, Southern Vietnam.  At the age of 18, Thủy Tiên relocated to Ho Chi Minh City to study music at Cao Đẳng Văn Hoá Nghệ Thuật (Military University of Fine Arts).  It was then she befriended renowned Vietnamese musician Quốc Bảo.  Two years later, Thủy Tiên recorded two solo tracks, "Tình Em" and "Ta Đã Yêu Trong Mùa Gió", both of which were featured in the album comprised of various other recording artists produced by Quốc Bảo, Tales - Những Chuyện Kể (2005).  Although the album had been heavily promoted by the musician and sold relatively well, both of the tracks recorded by Thủy Tiên had failed to give her the initial career boost much needed in order to establish her name in the Vietnamese pop music industry.  Finally, in 2008 Thủy Tiên's career experienced a breakthrough with her recordings of two tracks featured in the soundtrack for the television mini-series, Tuyết Nhiệt Đới.  Both the title track and "Giấc Mơ Tuyết Trắng" became major hit singles throughout Vietnam, the latter of which would be nominated for a Mai Vàng (Golden Orchid) Award, Vietnam's equivalent to a Grammy, for song of the year.  Thủy Tiên had also picked up the Làn Sóng Xanh Award that year for most promising newcomer.  In addition, Thủy Tiên's celebrity status rose even higher as she embarked on yet another career, as an actress, when she landed a supporting role in the television mini-series, Bỗng Dưng Muốn Khóc (2008) starring Lương Mạnh Hải and Tăng Thanh Hà.  In 2009, she costarred in the blockbuster film, Nụ Hôn Thần Chết, alongside Johnny Trí Nguyễn, Thanh Hằng and Hoài Linh.  That same year, Thủy Tiên also worked on another blockbuster hit film, Đẹp Từng Centimet, with a small acting part.  Thủy Tiên had achieved further success on the film's soundtrack with two major hit songs she had recorded and written, "Hát Vang Rằng Em Yêu Anh" and "Tiếng Đồng Hồ", which earned her the Làn Sóng Xanh Award for Songwriter of the Year.  She would be awarded with the same accolade in the years 2010 and 2011.  In 2012, Thủy Tiên released her most successful and critically acclaimed studio album to date, Vẫn Mãi Yêu Anh.  Her other acting credits include Vợ Ơi Em Ở Đâu (2016), Sóng Tình (2018) and Ngôi Nhà Hạnh Phúc (2019).  Thủy Tiên has performed for live audiences in concerts all over the world.  In addition to her succcessful careers in singing and acting, Thủy Tiên has also been the spokesmodel for various brand names as Omachi, Audi and BVL.

On December 27, 2014, after 6 years of courtship, Thủy Tiên married professional Vietnamese footballer Lê Công Vinh.  The two have since become proud parents of one daughter.


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Jowan Le Besco

Jowan Le Besco (1981-    ) is a French cinema actor, scriptwriter and cameraman.

Born on August 26, 1981 in Paris, France, Jowan Le Besco is of French, Algerian, Breton and Vietnamese descent.  His mother is French-Algerian actress Catherine Belkhodja.  He is the younger brother of actress Maiwenn and older brother of actress Isild Le Besco.

Jowan Le Besco during the making of Yapo (2007)
Jowan Le Besco studied cinema at the Paris Sorbonne University of Jussieu.  He starred in several French feature films including La Puce (1999), Un Moment de Bonheur (2002) and Princesse Marie (2004) starring Catherine Deneuve and his sister, Isild Le Besco.  Jowan Le Besco was the director, scriptwriter, editor and cameraman for the film, Yapo (2007). 

Ngoc Ha

Ngọc Hạ (1980-    ) is a famous overseas Vietnamese singer.  Blessed with a high mezzo soprano range, she has often been dubbed as today's answer to legendary Vietnamese songstress Thái Thanh.

Born as Nguyễn Kim Tuyến on December 23, 1980 in Hội An, Vietnam, she grew up as the youngest in a family of seven children.  At the age of 16, Ngọc Hạ entered and became a finalist in the nationally televised Tiếng Hát Truyền Thanh TP. Hồ Chí Minh talent show.  The following year, Ngọc Hạ placed second and took first prize in the Tiếng Hát Truyền Hình Đồng Nai and the Tiếng Hát Truyền Hình Bình Dương talent shows, respectively.  In 1997, Ngọc Hạ took the silver medal award in the annual talent competition sponsored by Nhà Văn Hóa Phụ Nữ Sài Gòn (Saigon Women's Arts Association).

On March of 2000, Ngọc Hạ and her family left Vietnam for the United States resettling in Northern California.  Two years later, Ngọc Hạ signed with the Thúy Nga label and made her debut appearance on volume 63 of the popular Paris By Night video series performing the song, Mái Đình Làng Biển (written by Nguyễn Cường).  On volume 64 of the Paris By Night video series, Đêm Văn Nghệ Thính Phòng, Ngọc Hạ performed the song, Nhớ Nhau (written by Tuấn Khanh).  On volume 65 of the Paris By Night video series, Ngọc Hạ performed the song, Buồn Tàn Thu (written by Văn Cao), which turned her into a household name among Vietnamese communties worldwide.

By 2006, Ngọc Hạ became a freelance artist performing for various overseas labels such as Asia EntertainmentVân Sơn Entertainment and Tình Productions.  Ngọc Hạ has performed duets with many other artists including Quang Lê, Trần Thái Hoà, Nguyên Khang, Lâm Nhật Tiến and Thanh Lam.  Ngọc Hạ has performed live in concert for Vietnamese audiences all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.  

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Vietnamese Celebrity Homes Part 7b

Here are the beautiful homes owned by 5 Vietnamese celebrities.

1. Comedic actor Nhật Cường is the owner of this colorful mansion located in the Bình Thạnh district of Ho Chi Minh City.

Living Room Inside Home of Nhật Cường

Dining Room Inside Home of Nhật Cường

2. Singer Vy Oanh, prior to getting married to wealthy Vietnamese-American businessman Lê Thiện, had made her residence in this modest home she had purchased located in Ho Chi Minh City near Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport.  This is where she had built her own recording studio which has since acquired an impressive clientele of some of the biggest names in the Vietnamese music industry.

Vy Oanh standing at the front door entrance of her home near Tân Sơn Nhất Airport  

Vy Oanh posing in her recording studio 

Interior of Vy Oanh's home near Tân Sơn Nhất Airport
Now happily married, Vy Oanh and her husband along with their young son reside in this million dollar property located on the other side of town in Ho Chi Minh City.  This luxurious 4-story mansion even contains an indoor swimming pool.

Vy Oanh and her husband, Vietnamese-American businessman Lê Thiện, have chosen this extravagant mansion in Ho Chi Minh City to raise their young son.  

Vy Oanh's son and his friend playing in the living room 

Dining room of Vy Oanh's mansion  

Indoor swimming pool at Vy Oanh's mansion 
3. This is where actor Kinh Quốc resides whenever he is town to shoot a feature film or television series.  The actor had purchased this 4-story home located in the 6th district of Ho Chi Minh City after he had shot to national fame with his portrayal of Sáu Miều in the critically acclaimed television mini-series, Đất Phương Nam (1997).  In addition to this house, Kinh Quốc and his wife also own a mansion in the beach resort town of Vũng Tàu.

Home of Actor Kinh Quốc

Living Room Inside Home of Actor Kinh Quốc

Kitchen Inside Home of Kinh Quốc

4. Purple seems to be the favorite color of comedian Hồng Tơ.  He and his current wife call this purple house located in Bình Chánh district of Ho Chi Minh City.  The exterior along with the interior are all in the color of purple.

5.  Former beauty queen-turned-television show hostess Thu Hương and her husband are owners of this fabulous mansion located on the 9th district of Ho Chi Minh City built in the traditional Vietnamese architecture.  

Thu Hương's Mansion in Ho Chi Minh City

Interior of Thu Hương's Mansion in Ho Chi Minh City


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Anh Ngoc

Anh Ngọc (1925-    ) is a legendary Vietnamese pop male vocalist.

Originally from Hanoi, he was brought up in a family consisting of 9 children.  He had been given the full name, Từ Ngọc Toản, at birth.  His younger brother was the late singer Từ Ngọc Long.

In 1947, Anh Ngọc relocated to the imperial city of Huế where he worked as a singer for the local radio station for nearly two years at the personal invitation from singer Minh Trang.  In 1949,  Anh Ngọc relocated to Saigon and began working for Đài Phát Thanh Pháp Á (French Radio Broadcasting Network - Asia) as host and performer. This would be followed by stints at other radio broadcasting network programs based in Saigon such as Đài Phát Thanh Sài Gòn, Đài Mẹ Việt Nam, Đài Tiếng Nói Tự Do and Đài Truyền Hình Việt Nam.  His longest tenure was as host and performer on the radio program, Tiếng Nhạc Tâm Tình, from 1960 until the Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975 where he had worked with the likes of famous Vietnamese singers such as Thái Thanh, Kim Tước, Mai Hương and Hà Thanh.

Anh Ngọc (left) and Musician Nhật Bằng (right) in 1965
Unlike many of his colleagues, Anh Ngọc remained in Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon for many years.  Finally, in 1990 Anh Ngọc left his native homeland to resettle in the United States.  During the first three years in the United States, Anh Ngọc lived in Orange County, California.  Since 1993, Anh Ngọc has taken up residence in Burke, Virginia.  He has since performed occasionally on live shows for Vietnamese audiences in various cities across the United States and Canada, but has refused all offers to take part on any audio recordings or music video appearances since the Fall of Saigon.

Prior to 1975, Anh Ngọc had been one of the most successful male recording artists in Saigon.  He had recorded for various record labels such as ContinentalViệt Nam and Tâm Anh Nghệ Thuật.  Among his most popular recorded songs include Tà Áo Xanh (written by Đoàn Chuẩn), Kỷ Vật Cho Em (written by Phạm Duy), Biệt Ly (written by Dzoãn Mẫn) and Em Đến Thăm Anh Một Chiều Mưa (written by Tô Vũ).

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Ngoc Hue

Ngọc Huệ (1968-    ) is a famous overseas Vietnamese singer.

From early on, Ngọc Huệ had taken a keen interest in performing arts.  While growing up in Saigon, she had already studied ballet and acting prior to reaching her teenage years.  From 1977 until 1979, Ngọc Huệ had taken voice lessons at Quốc Gia Âm Nhạc, University of Ho Chi Minh City, School of Fine Arts.  In 1981, she resettled in Sydney, Australia.  While in Australia, Ngọc Huệ began her career as a professional overseas Vietnamese singer.  In 1990, Ngọc Huệ resettled in the United States and began recording for such labels like New Castle EntertainmentDiễm Xưa, Hải Âu, Tektronic, Mai Productions and Thúy Nga.   In just one year, she was voted by Hồn Việt Magazine as "Giọng Ca Mới Của Năm 90" (New Singer of the Year in 1990).  She even formed her own production label called Fame Productions in the 1990s.  Ngọc Huệ has recorded duet albums with Anh TúKỳ AnhDon Hồ and Nhật Trường.

In 1992, Ngọc Huệ made her debut appearance on Thúy Nga's Paris By Night video series on volume 16 with a solo performance of Prisoner (written by Alan Nguyễn) along with a duet performance with Don Hồ of the song, Hạnh Phúc Trong Tim.  Throughout the 1990s, Ngọc Huệ was invited back on the Paris By Night video series on several occasions performing in duets with Don Hồ and Thái Tài.  Her last appearance to date on the series was on volume 55 in 2000 with a solo performance of the song, Thu Vàng Trên Lói (written by Khúc Lan).

Ngọc Huệ has performed live in concerts for Vietnamese audiences all over the United States, Canada, Europe including Russia, Australia and Vietnam. 


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Huy Khánh

Huy Khánh (1981-    ) is a famous Vietnamese actor of film and television.  

He was born as Trần Phan Huy Khánh on January 7, 1981 in Milan, Italy to a Vietnamese father and a French mother.  Huy Khánh is a graduate from the prestigious Cao Đẳng Sân Khấu Điện Ảnh (Stage and Film Academy) in Ho Chi Minh City.  Due to his renowned playboy image, he has been dubbed as Don Juan Huy Khánh.  Among the actresses he has been romantically linked with include Kim Tuyến and Tăng Thanh Hà.  

Among his film and television acting credits include Dốc Tình (2004), Hoa Dã Quỳ (2008) starring Ngọc Diệp, Áo Cưới Thiên Đường (2009), Chuyện Tình Xa Xứ (2009) starring Bình Minh, Cô Dâu Đại Chiến (2011) starring Ngọc Diệp, Ngân Khánh and Vân TrangLệ Phí Tình Yêu (2012) starring Hiếu HiềnMinh Hằng and Ngọc Quyên and Để Mai tính 2 (2014) starring Thái Hòa.

Married to wife, actress Hoàng Anh, since 2005, Huy Khánh is father to a young son.  In 2010, allegations made by his wife of an extra-marital affair between Huy Khánh and actress/model Mạc Anh Thư made front page headlines in Vietnamese tabloids.  


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Kelly Marie Tran

Kelly Marie Tran (1989-    ) is an American actress of Vietnamese descent.

She was born on January 17, 1989 in San Diego, California.  Both of her parents were originally from Vietnam.  After graduating from Westview High School in San Diego, Kelly Marie Tran moved to Los Angeles for college.  In 2011, she earned her BA degree in communications from UCLA.

Early on in her career, Kelly Marie Tran found work doing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade and The Second City.  She also landed small parts in several short films.  In 2014, Kelly Marie Tran starred in the web series, Ladies Like Us.  In 2015, she was cast in the role of Rose Tico, the younger sister of Paige Tico, played by Veronica Ngo, in Star Wars:  The Last Jedi.  Her portrayal of Rose Tico earned her nominations for an Empire Award as best newcomer and a Saturn Award for best supporting actress.  In 2017, Kelly Marie Tran became the first Asian woman on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine when she appeared on the cover of the summer issue with John Boyega and Oscar Isaac. 

Kelly Marie Tran is currently a cast regular on the web series, Sorry for Your Loss