Friday, October 31, 2014

Lynda Trang Dai

Lynda Trang Dai (1968-     ) is a pioneer in dance and hip hop music among Vietnamese singers who had began her career during the mid 1980s in Orange County, California and has since been hailed by her many fans as the Vietnamese Madonna.

Born as Lê Quang Quý Trang Đài on October 9, 1968 in Danang, Vietnam, she first arrived in the United States at the age of 10 with her family.  Lynda Trang Dai first rose to prominence as the lead singer of Anh Tai Music Band and as a regular performer at Ritz Nightclub in Anaheim, California during the mid 1980s.  In 1987, Lynda Trang Dai made one of her first television appearances on Truyen Hinh Viet Nam, a popular Vietnamese-language news and variety television show which aired weekly on KSCI-TV, performing a Vietnamese classic pop tune, Tinh Co Nhu Khong in both the original Vietnamese lyrics written by Nhat Truong combined with translated English lyrics she had written herself.  That performance would spark the interests of many viewers of the weekly television show and formally introduced Lynda Trang Dai to the Vietnamese-American general audience.  She has since become one of the most popular performers on the Paris By Night music video series produced by Thuy Nga Paris.  Throughout her career which has spanned for almost three decades, Lynda Trang Dai's provocative dance moves, choice of dress attire and high energy stage performances have contributed to her becoming a household name among Vietnamese populations worldwide.

From the 1980s well into the 2000s, Lynda Trang Dai's collaborations with numerous Vietnamese music production labels have included Thuy Nga Paris, Asia Entertainment,  Lang Van, Doi Magazine, Thuy AnhMây Productions and Giang Ngoc.  She is also one of the most popular music video stars in the overseas Vietnamese entertainment industry.  During the 1990s, Lynda Trang Dai had released a series of well-received karaoke music video laser discs that had been filmed on different locations around the world such as Lynda in Hong Kong, Lynda in Macau, Lynda in China, Lynda in Thailand, etc.  

Happily married to fellow performer, Tommy Ngo, with children, this Vietnamese queen of dance and hip hop continues to wow audiences worldwide and makes her home in Irvine, California.  Lynda Trang Dai currently is owner of a deli and sandwich shop, Lynda Sandwich, in Westminster, California.

In 2006, Lynda Trang Dai returned to Vietnam for the first time since 1979 when she along with her family had left to resettle in the United States.  In August of that same year, she held her first concert tour in Vietnam consisting of live performances in Vietnam's three major cities, Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City.  After the tremendous success of that first return concert tour, Lynda Trang Dai has followed up with several more equally well-received concert tours  in her native homeland.  In 2013, Lynda Trang Dai and Tommy Ngo starred in Bay Vao Coi Mong, a Vietnamese comedy movie produced by HKFilm and VT Pro Studios and distributed by Rang Dong.  The cast also included Kieu Oanh, Le Huynh, Khanh Phuong and Xuan Lan.


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